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Shorts Crushed In Biggest Dollar Squeeze Since The US Elections

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The Dollar Index broke above the key 90.00 level, up 5 days in a row -the biggest spike since Dec 2016 - to its highest level since mid-January. With net speculative positioning at extreme shorts, and liquidity stress (Libor-OIS), one wonders how far the short squeeze can go...


Breaking above its 100DMA for the first time in 2018...


And as we previously noted, the world and his pet rabbit is short the dollar...


For context, that is the biggest USD short in at least 3 years...


Which makes us wonder, just how big this squeeze spike can go?



And is it time for the dollar to catch up to Trump's approval rating?


As we noted Friday...

Got DXY calls? pic.twitter.com/rOe2G7O4rt

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) April 20, 2018

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