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If you watch this tell me what you think

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WTF !!!  What is this some kind of a Joke?   We have enough to Worry About as it is, I mean there is already a Skin Game pitting "Caucasians" against so-called "Black People" this must be some kind of "Elitist" Prank !!!  I mean putting "Asians" into  This "Hodge-Podge" that The Elites think is a Democracy reinforces what deTocqueville observed of America in The 19th Century.  I guess that the "New Pledge of Allegiance" will be:  I Pledge Allegiance To The Scam and To United Hates of America.  And Not The Public Against Which It Bands, One Indignation Under Corporate Gods.  With Bribery, Idiocracy, and Distrust for All.....

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Most places are segregated and the black people while they make up 15 percent of the population commit 70 percent of the violent crime. 

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