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So I shoot rifles alot i carry and shoot my pistols alot that being said I still can't and never could get that shake off the front of my sidearm when I squeeze the trigger.I hear it's trigger control and I agree I get flak and got flak for this forever but I put my hand and gun in a vice and shot a few times this morning and I found how accurate i can be a 30 yrds i got a 1ish group of 14.that's pretty ok for me and a sidearm...don't get me wrong I shoot distance and close with my pistols and I'm pretty accurate I just need a new exercise i wanna be able to put the bullet in the center of whatever I shoot at every time and I'm not exactly doing that now I know my only factor that fs me is that little shake right as the trigger goes back is there away to get rid of it my buddy mr deplorable general doesn t even sort of have this problem but he can't tell me how hell when I shoot now I gotta account for the away like stand free handing a m107 and I want a better way...reading this you might have a idea that I shoot alot I just wanna be faster and cleaner on the side arm side of thing.

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