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Carrying in the workplace is a bit subjective, if your employer has a posted known policy against it, is it worth taking a chance losing your job?  Only you can answer that question and the answer may change with circumstances.  I work at a place where it is posted no firearms, so I go to work with just my mouse gun left in my vehicle.  If I felt there was a good chance of eminent danger though, I would carry it inside my work because my perception is then the chance of needing it outweighs the chance of getting found out by the employer.  If I was in a job doing delivery or outside work, then I would carry.  I had a job years ago where I did frozen sandwiches delivery to stores all over the area and I carried and collected cash.  I always carried on that job and the fact that I carried did "diffuse" a couple different situations.  If your employer has no written or posted policy against it and has not said anything against it in person then by all means carry at the work place, but I would do it without asking them about it because you are likely to get a big fat no at that point and create cause for possible termination in the future.  

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