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Justice Kennedy retiring; Trump gets 2nd Supreme Court pick

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6 hours ago, Let_Freedom_Ring said:

This could be just the stop gap that patriots need on anti gun rights, or it could be the tipping point for leftists to go full bore armed conflict.


If the left starts a fight, it will be the end of Democrats.  




I'm confused though.  The guy screening the potential SCOTUS nominees is a Federalist.  Federalists were opposed to the Bill of Rights:




To which Patrick Henry remarked:

"I smell a rat."



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The impact could very well be huge if Trumps gets 2 to 4 picks during his term(s) in office and those people do turn out to be Constitutionalists at heart.


Democrats going into "full bore armed conflict" would take some major snafu like a street full of minorities gunned down by police to incite wide scale riots. We would most likely have another mass shooting involving bump stocks or military style rifles, and then some infringement upon the Second Amendment done by the AG at Trump's urging. I suspect the Dems are brewing up a witch's cauldron of attacks upon Trump and his administration as we speak. 

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