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Militia of Georgia - News n Views

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As you know being in the militia means that you are part citizen and part soldier.  So, I'm going to give you the citizen part first:


In a couple of months either Casey Cagle or Brian Kemp will be in a run-off against Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia.  Expect people to rush to the polls and try to elect America's first black woman governor.   That kind of crap is usually more important that the substance of what each candidate is about.  


Abrams is not only left of center, but wants reparations for the slavery era.  For a left wing radical to become our governor would be disastrous.  Each and every one of you from Georgia need to be involved and whichever of the two Republicans you think would be the best, then work for them.  And if you're holding back and don't have a preference, then WORK in the run-off to stave off Stacey Abrams.  Donate money, make phone calls, offer to drive friends and others to the polls, ask the Republican nominee how you can help - and do it.  Post in this forum if you really cannot contact one of the candidates and I'll get the info to you.


For the militia part, everybody is resting on their laurels.  When Obama was president, you couldn't buy a box of .22 bullets in most stores.  Other calibers were scarce.  Well, right now prices are the lowest I've ever seen them; firearms are plentiful and cheap (I see people selling new Glocks for $425)   You buy when prices are low because right wing politicians have a shelf life.  AND, the United States Supreme Court has given the states a green light to outlaw any kind of weapon they want to.  Get 'em now while you still can.

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