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I'm glad to be a member of my militia, but don't understand how it's members, including me, can utilize involvement on a website without physical activity.  Maybe I'm missing something since not physically meeting people within this media based organization.


I am prepared, probably more than the average member, with more than 100k rounds of 7.62x.39 and .223 ammo plus everything that a s.w.a.t. member has at his disposal.  My first priority is to protect my family and not leave them defenceless (N.A.T.O./US Army disarming law biding-citizens) while being away supporting a militia on another front.



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This site is used as a network to bring people together. One thing active militia units are missing is positive exposure. We built the site to bring light to the hundreds of operating units. we can help you find an active unit near you or we can help you start your own and send potential members your way. the units are all over the site in the networking forums, and under the regiments tab. Thanks for your patriotism it is like minded individuals that make the militias possible

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