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SPREADING LIES https://www.splcenter.org/

What is the difference between a hate group and a "Patriot" group? 

In addition to hate groups, the SPLC monitors a sector of the radical right known as the “Patriot” or antigovernment extremist movement. This movement sees the federal government as an enemy of the people and promotes baseless conspiracy theories generally involving a secret cabal of elites seeking to institute a global, totalitarian government – a “New World Order.” It includes the militia movement, which comprises groups such as the Three Percenters and Oath Keepers. The movement also includes so-called “sovereign citizens” who reject the authority of the government, as well as self-described “constitutional sheriffs” who believe sheriffs are the highest form of law enforcement in the country and can disobey federal laws deemed “unconstitutional,” and members of the tax protest movement, who believe they have the legal ability to avoid paying income taxes, which they perceive to be illegitimate.


The Southern Poverty Law Center identified 689 active extreme antigovernmentgroups in 2017.





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They are a government-sponsored "think tank" which compiles records on hate groups... The fairy that used to run the place, Mark Potok, is as pink as they come.  If you're not communist, your anti-government.

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Yup, if your group isn't communist or some other form of anti-american group, then it will be on their "terrorist / hate"  list once they hear about it.  Any organized citizen militia is automatically considered a hate group by them.

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We where interviewed by them.   Later we dropped them off in the woods with no cell service.  Left them for 48 hours.  They where not to happy.

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