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Full Disclosure - I'm going to shamelessly plug mymilitia.com in this thread.


So, you're out there and you want to join the militia.  You find your way to mymilitia.com.  If you are in a militia, you post a thread trying to recruit members and then go back to your daily life.  If you don't get an immediate response,  you abandon that site.  If you are an individual, you might stop by and if you post, you too expect an immediate response.  Most people give up at that point.


Here is the deal:


Every day new people access this site.  But, you're looking for members if you are a militia recruiter and you're looking for a militia if you're an individual.  We all have this expectation that somewhere exists where a predominant number of people go to congregate.  That is not so.  You have to keep returning to one given point, checking in regularly in order to establish a rapport with those who are active.


In these days of the Internet, it should not be too hard to find a militia.  Yeah, my unit is thirty miles north of Atlanta.  I have friends that drive a couple of hours just to get here because they don't want to organize a unit in their area.  A competent militia should have no problem teaching you how to become a basic militiaman via the Internet.  There are at least FIFTY skills you need before worrying about putting on your cammies, grabbing your rifle and going into the woods on an FTX (Field Training Exercise.)  Once you have the basics, you could utilize mymilitia.com to discuss what others need to know and then meet those in your area ... and voila a militia unit exists. 


Don't let the lack of an official militia unit in your immediate area keep you from seeking out a militia that can teach you basics via their online presence.  Then, stay involved and sooner or later you are going to meet people in your area obtaining information and skills like yourself AND they might even turn out being someone in your immediate neighborhood.


If you're a recruiter, stop by this site at least weekly.  TELL people about your militia.  If you are networking you will always be finding new members for your group AND finding other militia units that will work with you.  Then, one day you and that other group can have a joint exercise and compete against each other to see which group has the best skills.  


If there is ANY interest in pursuing this, I will follow up by telling you how to find and join the militia group that fits your needs - and if they don't exist we'll talk about how you start a militia group... after you develop some requisite skills.


NOTE: I know my thread Know your Georgia militias is really long, but well worth your time.

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Dav, you shouldn't encourage me.  As long as there is interest, I have an opinion.


Suppose that you wanted to build a militia unit because none exists.  The first question you have to ask is why do you want to join a militia?  Do you just like the idea of being in a group with uniformed guys that are learning combat skills?  Do you just want to learn how to shoot your firearm like a pro?  Do you want to join the militia because you think they're going to help impose some political agenda or issue you believe in?  Maybe you see the writing on the wall and you're a real patriot that would like to preserve, protect, defend and advance the cause of Liberty and the fundamental principles found in the Constitution.  Whatever it is, you should be honest with yourself.


So, at a personal level, you have to learn what you can with or without being the member of a militia.  The more you know, the more an existing militia wants you as a member.  The more you know, the more appealing you will be to some guy with skill sets that you could combine and end up with a militia unit.  You may already have some initial militia members.  So, let's take a look at them:


When I think about being in the militia, I think about defending my community and my country, but I also think about why I'm defending them.  Without Liberty, my family is not safe and secure.  But, most guys I know do the militia thing without including their family... AND most of the time, a guy has a wife who is not interested in donning fatigues and playing soldier.  But, here is where you get to play the part of a political power broker that gets to recruit people without them even realizing that it's happening.  This kind of stuff happens to you every day and you develop certain opinions that were instilled into you without your knowledge.  So here is how it's done:


Right now, as I write this, hundreds of thousands of acres are on fire in the west.  There have been earthquakes and volcano eruptions.  Other parts of the country are being flooded.  We never know when an emergency is going to happen and when it might be us that are the victims.  So, a wise man sits his family down, and the tells them the facts of life.  You tell them, it could be us.  So, the family should develop and Evacuation and Rendezvous Plan.  A fire could break out in the house or in the neighborhood and force you to flee.  So, you want to make sure you have the essentials you need should you have to get out of your home at a moment's notice.  Now, you get to teach your family about Bug Out Bags.  And who knows, you might be a family where the man is at work, a child at school, and the wife's working her job.  An emergency happens.  If the cell phone is down, you are SOL.  So, you develop a Communications Protocol.  You may have to leave messages at a certain place (like contacting a common source.)  For example if the SHTF in your neighborhood and communications are down, you leave word with a relative / friend in another town.  You leave word there and your spouse knows to contact that relative / friend without making fifty random calls.  The both of you call a short list of people in the same order and get ONE common contact to coordinate through until you can be in touch directly.


In planning for emergencies you have not only prepared your family to handle the unexpected, but you have taught them a couple of basic militia skills AND you have gained actual experience in coordinating people in chaotic circumstances... but this presumes you and your family actually do Evacuation and Rendezvous exercises, have a Bug Out Bag, and practice ways to stay in touch if the grid were down.  Once you get your family that far, you can start thinking about teaching them how to react if an intruder came around.  These are transferable skills that you can teach your family - then neighbors and before long you have a militia, regardless of whether or not they were being trained and prepped for it all along.

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