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When the Dems had their own 'Trump'

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(National Post) — As Donald Trump hurtles towards a confrontation with the party whose presidential nomination he is seeking, it calls to mind an earlier contest between an ambitious, hard-headed billionaire and the party that loathed him.


There are many differences between Trump and William Randolph Hearst, but also many parallels between Trump’s quest and Hearst’s crusade for the White House almost a century ago. Hearst’s ended in an epic convention that shattered his hopes and cracked his party in two; Trump could face the same possibility if he arrives at the GOP convention without enough delegates to claim the nomination.


That could happen: after Tuesday’s primaries, Trump has 446 delegates to Ted Cruz’s 347. He needs 1,237 to win. It’s not impossible the Republicans could go to their Cleveland convention with no clear winner. What may have been the fiercest struggle at a contested convention took place in 1924, as Hearst fought the Democratic party he aimed to control.


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