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What've they got on you, Farah?

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Mr. Farah,


In reading your editorial, my mind can only conclude, logically, that someone has something on you, that someone is holding something over you. I don’t know what else to think. I cannot think you need a vacation. You just took one.


You make a habit of stating your background in the press and what your current status as editor of WND has cost you. One might think, based on the apparent evidence, that you are a natural born patriot editor. So, how is it you can make this situation worse every time you write about it?


“What is a natural born citizen?” Well, if I didn’t already believe what I do, based on things I have read at WND and elsewhere in the past, I would never know reading your column this morning. It’s far more an excuse, if not a sideways apology – but it is certainly not instructional or informative on what a NBC is.


We have had a little back and forth over the years. Most of the time I agree with you but not always. In this case, I don’t even know what you truly believe anymore. You sounded retreat loud and clear this day and somehow tried to justify your position because nobody cares. Well, if nobody cares about the Constitution anymore, close up shop. There is no reason for a natural born patriot editor anymore.


You created a firestorm with this and keep throwing fuel on it. It is unbelievable to behold. Far, far better to have kept your endorsement and vote to yourself than ignite all this.


Sad. Very, very sad, indeed.


Ray Frigon


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