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Inmates are in charge in D.C.

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The idea of going after the families of ISIS terrorists has come up in the 2016 presidential campaign. No American in their right mind would advocate droning an ISIS member’s beloved grandmother, even if she fed him.


Now for the rest of the story. America is involved in a dirty war made possible by two oil wars, aka Gulf War I and II. War is a dirty business. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, at the outset of World War II, stated that the allies would have to do worst to the axis to win. Nice does not win wars.


American civilian and military law has to be changed to allow American personnel to do whatever it takes to get the job done. As far as the international court (law) goes, they won’t shed a tear for us if we lose.


Americans who serve our opponents as combatants or spies lose their citizenship immediately and are subject to execution.


The bombing of Warsaw, Poland and London, England by the Nazi air force was going after the “families” of the allies. The fire-bombing of Tokyo, Japan and Dresden, Germany, by the 8th Air Force, RAF, was going after the families of our enemies. The Japanese rape of Nanking, China, was going after families. Breaking the will of the enemy is a time-honored method of warfare.


Executing traitors and terrorists must be allowed. Psychobabble interrogation at high-profile sites is a fool’s errand.


In America, the First Amendment rights of corporations opposing global warming is something the government is pursuing. MoveOn.org orchestrates (RICO violations) demonstrations across state lines that shutdown free speech (First Amendment), yet the federal government sees no harm in this. In America, we concern ourselves with killing the families of our enemies yet deny our own citizens constitutional protections.


The world turned upside-down! The inmates are in charge in Washington, D.C.


Edmond Day


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