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Romney, GOP share some blame for Chicago anarchy

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With his scathing public rebuke of Donald Trump on March 3, Mitt Romney set the stage for the anarchy that befell Chicago on Friday night and that denied First Amendment free-speech rights to thousands of American citizens who hold the Trump candidacy in high esteem.


In his blistering, personal ambush, Romney called Trump a “fraud” and “phony” and intimated that Trump possessed not the judgment, intelligence or moral values needed to serve as U.S. president.


In essence, Romney sought to silence Trump and his legions of supporters!


Romney’s blatant disregard for the millions of citizens who had already voted for Trump, and millions more planning to do so, provided a perfect template for thugs, Moveon.org weasels, Democrat operatives and others who fear the pro-American message brought to the fray by Trump.


It was as though the “will of the people” was irrelevant to Romney as he sought to impose the undemocratic will of the rich and powerful on the unwashed masses.


Given Romney’s unprecedented attack, it should have surprised no one that professional protesters, thugs, Democratic Party activists and other anti-American haters would seek to parlay Romney’s babbling into a violent, non-peaceful repudiation of Trump and his legions of faithful backers.


While Trump’s contenders for the GOP nomination – aided and abetted by reckless members of the liberal media – work tirelessly to blame Trump for the carnage in Chicago, people who have been paying attention and who seek truth and justice in the electoral process will acknowledge that Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment paved the way by urging others to ignore the will of the little people who make up the GOP constituency.


The anti-Trump haters will probably fail – if good wins out over evil.


If so, Donald Trump will emerge stronger and closer to the nomination!


John W. Lillpop


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