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Nancy Reagan and another Obama insult

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Good old Barack. He did it again.


It just goes to show you that being educated at top schools in Hawaii and in this country doesn’t mean that the person has couth or class or even basic manners.


Nancy Reagan died last week at the age of 91. The widow of former President Ronald Reagan was a loving wife and a woman who dedicated herself to being a loyal supporter of her husband.


The couple was known for their enduring love and affection, and she especially was known for her fierce defense of President Reagan, regardless of the criticisms of him during his presidency.


As a result, both Reagans were targets of the hate and venom of liberals and anyone else who was threatened by conservatism.


People too young to have known the Reagans and the times during which they were in the headlines simply do not know the depth of the hate for them.


Unfortunately, it surfaced again at the death of Mrs. Reagan.


A short network radio news report the following morning, mentioned her death and recalled that she had been criticized for redecorating the White House and buying fine china for the White House and wearing designer gowns. The reporter then said she was known as “the dragon lady” because of her actions.


That was it. The report ended.


Just a negative evaluation of her activities.


The only problem is that the negative conclusion is false.


The media want that false conclusion to stand, and they want the image of Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan to be negative.


The reporter left out that the money for the renovations and the china came from private donations and that the clothes she wore were donations by American designers.


It’s interesting that the funeral of a former first lady who brought class and decorum back to the White House was snubbed by a sitting president who has turned both the White House and the presidency into a classless and vindictive operation.


Barack Obama, for no admitted reason, has decided not to attend the funeral of Mrs. Reagan. He instead attended the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. It has been described as a Texas hipster festival. The core of the event is the issue of technology and how problems can be solved worldwide.


It’s nice to know that the president puts more emphasis on the issue of technology rather than the importance of events of historical significance.


There have been a number of articles illustrating that many presidents have avoided funerals of former first ladies, but that doesn’t change the fact that the avoidance of the Reagan funeral is a reflection of Obama’s pattern of funeral snubs and shows him to be uncouth.


And, in the case of Obama, the snubs have a particular political significance.


Most recently, Obama chose to avoid the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The justice died unexpectedly at a Texas resort with no specific reason determined to be the cause of death. While rumors were rampant about the possibility of untoward reasons for his demise, the fact that Obama declined to attend the funeral raised the clear issue that he was using political reasons for his non-appearance.


It was another example of Obama’s use of political issues for his ongoing decisions. In all, it’s a clear example of Obama showing that he is nothing more than a petty political politician, not caring about American history or even basic American decency when it comes to the reputation of the American people.


Whether he might have garnered some good will by attending the Reagan funeral, he clearly didn’t care. He only will do what he needs to do to get political benefits.


Bottom line, Barack Obama is political animal at every level, and he will only do that what he must if he can gain politically.


Remember too: This is the same man who didn’t go to the funeral of Lady Margaret Thatcher. For that, he sent a low delegation. But when Hugo Chavez died the same year, he sent a higher rated delegation to that funeral.


So let’s see: How can we rate Obama’s funeral decisions? Just look at whether he attends in person or look at the people he sends to represent the American people. The sad part of this is, when you evaluate the people he does send to represent us – the American people – it’s clear he has a major bias against those who represent democratic ideas and freedom.


Quite frankly, it’s an insult to the American people and our Constitution that this man, who is the current president, uses his political power to essentially spit in the face of people who believe in freedom.


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