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Bible is on side of secure borders, says author of new book

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In Exodus 22:21, God commanded the Israelites, “You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.”


Some American Christians have interpreted that passage as a mandate for the United States to excuse and accommodate illegal immigrants.


But award-winning journalist Cheryl Chumley notes a “sojourner” is a temporary visitor; illegal aliens seek to remain in the country, so that passage does not apply to them.


Moreover, she pointed out, God Himself was the one who separated the peoples of the Earth and confused their languages in Genesis 11, thus creating nations. So national sovereignty is perfectly biblical.


In her new book, “The Devil in DC: Winning Back the Country from the Beast in Washington,” which is set to be released this month, Chumley wrote, “It’s hard to believe in a morality that teaches that breaking the law is OK.”


The Bible does not teach that breaking the law is OK, she asserted. She cited Proverbs 28:4, which reads: “Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive against them.”


Chumley said it is unseemly for a nation based on the rule of law and Judeo-Christian values to reward illegal immigrants for their lawbreaking by putting them on a “path to citizenship.”


“I don’t understand why the lawbreakers are given extra concessions while the citizens are put in a second-class state,” she told WND in an interview.


The most prominent Christian, by far, to defend open borders has been Pope Francis. Last month, the pope said Donald Trump is “not Christian” if he talks constantly about building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.


However, Francis was not the only Catholic leader to attack Trump over the immigration issue, whether directly or indirectly.


Last July, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York penned an opinion piece slamming Trump’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric” as “nativist.”


Around the same time, Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas warned that “the ghost of Nativism again prowls our land.”


Additionally, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles took exception to Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants, saying illegals are “human beings in search of a better life,” according to CNN. Gomez is a champion of “immigration reform.”


Chumley said her impression is these Catholic leaders hold “crazy” positions on immigration.


“These are people that are supposed to be grounded in biblical principles,” she said. “First and foremost it’s truth, right? They’re supposed to understand the concept of right and wrong and law versus lawbreakers, and yet they’re so quick and speedy to embrace the lawbreakers at the expense of those who are here legally that it just spins my head.”


Chumley, who also authored the book “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality,” noted a certain level of hypocrisy at work.


“These same people that are pointing fingers at the rest of America criticizing us for wanting to uphold border controls – you don’t see them too often opening their homes and welcoming in these illegal immigrants into their own homes, sheltering them, providing for them, giving them food and so forth,” Chumley reasoned. “Nine times out of 10 their calls for aid come at the taxpayers; they want the taxpayers to do things that they themselves don’t want to do.”


Instead of condemning the U.S. for not welcoming illegal aliens, Chumley opined, the pope should “quiet down” and focus on his core duty of pastoring the church. She rejected the idea that welcoming illegals is a matter of compassion or love.


“How can it be compassionate and loving to break laws at the expense of those who live on the borders and have to deal with those border crossings on a daily basis?” she asked rhetorically.


Chumley said she is fortunate to live far from the Mexican border. But those who do live along the border face frequent dangers: illegal border crossers stealing items from garages or barns, breaking into houses, attacking ranchers, etc.


The author insisted people who wish to protect the border and uphold the laws of their country do not lack compassion.


“If you want to be compassionate, then what you should do is take it upon yourself to help those you see are in need,” she challenged. “It’s not compassion to use somebody else’s money, somebody else’s resources – the taxpayers, I’m talking about – and say that they have to pay for these people. It’s compassion when you’re compelled by your own heart, by your own moral compass, to get your hands dirty and do something yourself.”


In fact, Chumley stated one of her primary messages in “The Devil in DC” is that Americans don’t have to capitulate to the devil in D.C.; rather, they can turn the country around through their own efforts.


“We need to be bold – you know, quit sitting on the sidelines and wringing our hands and screaming at the TV but cowering in front of government officials,” Chumley declared. “We are their employers. The president is our employee, and we need to remember that.”


It’s not just the president who is our employee, she noted – it’s also U.S. congressmen, state officials and local officials – from county clerks to town supervisors to city councilmen. Chumley begs Americans to wake up and hold these leaders accountable.


“These people work for us, and we need to get that in our minds and take that back, because our actions start with our attitudes,” she said.


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