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Huckabee: Trump leading 'peaceful overthrow' of government

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Donald Trump



Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who recently dropped his bid for the presidency, said during a recent broadcast interview Donald Trump’s big draw with voters was as a revolutionary who was overthrowing aspects of the government.


In an interview with Newsmax TV, Huckabee said “Here is a guy who has said some very inflammatory, very intemperate things and rather than it hurt him, it has actually propelled him because that’s how people feel,” Huckabee said. “People are angry. I think we’re seeing nothing less than the overthrow of our government. … It’s a peaceful overthrow so far. We’re going to do it by ballots, not bullets, thank God, but this is a revolution. The people are that upset with the ruling class and frankly, they ought to be.”


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Huckabee said it’s about time there was a real challenge to the powers-who-be in Washington, D.C.


“Nothing would be better for this country than to have an utter disruption of the ruling class in Washington,” he said.


He also likened Trump to Teddy Roosevelt, saying the billionaire businessman is acting as if he’s “charging up San Juan Hill and there is no retreat,” Newsmax reported.


“Win or lose,” Huckabee said, “he’s going t dig in and he’s not going to ever pull the troops back.”


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Huckabee went on, saying Trump, if elected, would be the opposite of President Obama on the world stage.


“There’s a lot of Americans who are so glad that if Donald Trump is president, he’s not going to give an apology tour to the rest of the world,” Huckabee said. “He’s not going to go around and say, ‘We’re so sorry, we didn’t mean to offend you, oh my gosh, let’s have a beer summit, let me sit down and weep and cry.’ No, he’s going to say what he said. America needs to win again and that is why he is rising.”


And to those who don’t like Trump’s aggressive style?


“If you don’t like Donald Trump,” Huckabee said, “don’t vote for him. If you don’t like Donald Trump, don’t go hear him in his speech, but don’t keep other people from hearing.”


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