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Hip-hop crew loved by Obama rally around Trump rusher

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Donald Trump’s stage rusher, Thomas DiMassimo, received support from hip-hoppers.



The manager of J. Cole, a hip-hop artist loved by President Obama who started the recording label Dreamville, tweeted out a promise to Thomas DiMassimo – the man who rushed Donald Trump’s stage in Ohio and subsequently complained that security officials ripped his shirt – and said: Don’t worry, we’ll send you a new one.


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The backstory is this: DiMassimo over the weekend rushed Trump’s stage in order to stop the spread of what he said was the billionaire businessman’s “white supremacist ideas,” as WND reported. Security officials halted him, just feet from the candidate, and charged him with inducing a panic and disorderly conduct. While taking him into custody, DiMassimo’s Dreamville shirt ripped. And for that, DiMassimo took to Twitter to complain.


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“And they ripped it and I’m so salty about it,” he wrote, under the name and handle of Marlon Bando, @Younglionking7, The Source reported. “I got it at Cole first Dollar and Dream tour when he performed in ATL.”


His tweet went viral among the hip-hop crowd, the news site reported.


And then J. Cole’s manager, Ibrahim Hamad, weighed in with his own Twitter response: “@Younglionking7 all good bro, we’ll send you a box of Dreamville gear on us. Be safe out there.”


J. Cole is the same rapper Obama just revealed in a weekend speech he admired.


“I love J. Cole,” Obama said, during a Democratic National Committee fundraising speech that featured a performance from the rapper. “You know, this is the benefit of having teenage daughters. I actually keep up.”


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