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Trump: Bringer of 3rd uprising against GOP elite

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Politicians and agenda-driven pundits on both sides of the aisle are droning on that this election is about saving America blah-blah. They are using that as dogma intended to deceive the unwitting. The truth they are trying to conceal from you is that the 2016 presidential election is about saving the right of We the People to choose the candidates of our choice.


Specifically, there are three epochs, including the current one, that prove my point. The first was the tea party movement that began in 2009. Voters from every demographic, regardless of party affiliation, came together in a movement that blazed across America like a wind-driven brush fire.


In 2010 we were witnesses to one of the greatest voter-driven tsunamis in election history pursuant to election turnovers. We the People flexed our muscle under a united banner of smaller government and lower taxes, and we were massively successful.


I warned that Karl Rove and the establishments of both parties would do their best to delegitimize the movement – and that is exactly what happened. The Republican establishment led by Rove set about to undermine the movement in the aftermath of 2010.


Many will remember the angry screed by Rove on Fox News as he threatened not to make campaign funds available to tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell, the Republican candidate who had upset establishment favorite Rep. Mike Castle (in Deleware). Even though Rove was forced to publicly walk back his tyrannical diatribe, the gauntlet had been thrown down, and it was clearly understood that Rove’s public contrition did not reflect the true sentiments of the Republican establishment.


O’Donnell may not have been a Mensa club member, but she was a loyal conservative who would have honored her promises to We the People. Castle is as left-wing as the late Sen. Arlen Specter had been. It was reported that the first call Castle made upon losing to O’Donnell was not to the GOP but to Obama. Yet this was the person Rove wanted re-elected.


Suddenly, the tea party movement, its candidates and those who were elected as tea party members came under attack. It is widely believed that Rove was at least partly responsible for the NAACP and other black front groups attacking the tea party as being racist. Republican establishment figures like Sen. Mitch McConnell gloated and mocked tea party candidates establishment figures were able to defeat. Rove, in calling for the defeat of tea party candidate Todd Akin in Missouri, joked about having Akin killed. Rove’s flaccid later apology was met with harsh skepticism.


Republican leadership blacklisted longtime highly successful Republican marketing companies that were fundraising for tea party conservative candidates.


As I had warned, it was clear the Republican establishment would do everything in its power to crush the tea party movement because it posed the very real threat of empowering We the People.


The second epoch was the 2012 presidential election when Herman Cain threatened to break the Republican establishment’s good ol’ boy network. When it became clear that We the People were backing Herman Cain and that he posed a very real threat to the existence of the establishment, Fox News and the front group pundits began the undermining of Cain’s presidential pursuit.


There are many, myself included, who are convinced that the Republican establishment was responsible for the political demise of Herman Cain. Why? Because he was giving voice to We the People, and the establishment was not going to permit that.


The third epoch is taking place at this very moment. The Republican establishment doesn’t want us to think for ourselves, nor do they want us to enjoy our constitutional right pursuant to freedom of choice. They want to dictate whom we support and control who gets elected.


The Republican establishment tried to foist Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and then Marco Rubio upon us, and they have shown their willingness even to lose rather than allow We the People to truly be involved.


The Republican establishment gives the illusion of our being involved. They have us think the game is conducted fairly; then when our candidate loses, we are expected to immediately fall in line and give our money and complete support to them. They have been successful for many election cycles running a game that was rigged to not allow for true choice.


The Republican establishment set up straw men who had less than no hope of winning and called it a choice between same and the actual candidate they wanted.


Now, for the first time since Barry Goldwater gave rise to Ronald Reagan, the Republican establishment faces a threat from We the People that truly threatens to overturn their political litter box. And that threat is Donald Trump.


If they are able to prevent Trump from getting the nomination through subterfuge and corrupt machinations, it is not Trump who would lose – it is We the People, because once again the establishment will have been successful in denying us our right to choose.


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