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What's with Huck and Phyllis?

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I can’t believe the Christian leaders who are supporting Donald Trump. By his own statements, he is not a Christian. He is NOT pro-life because he says there have to be caveats for rape and incest. He is immoral, and his treatment of women is very degrading. He has built his wealth using illegal immigrant labor, casinos and strip clubs.


Trump has lied on the campaign trail about those who have chosen not to endorse him, i.e. Bob Vander Platts, and others.


What makes Phyllis Schlafly and Mike Huckabee think he will suddenly become truthful and keep his anti-immigration promises if elected? Why are they choosing to support someone who doesn’t hold to anything they say they have stood for all their lives? Is it because their sole purpose has become to win? Win what? If you lose the moral battle and gain the presidency, in God’s eyes, you’ve lost the real battle. I can’t believe what I’m hearing from these people who have stood so long for what God calls good.


I will never vote for Donald Trump. He is no different than Hillary, or Bernie, and he may be worse. I will not vote for someone who doesn’t believe or follow God’s moral law.


Lisa Connor


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