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Savage: Get Reagan-tough on Trump protesters or risk 'civil war'

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Ronald Reagan lectures a college professor in Berkeley, California, on how to deal with unruly student protesters in 1969



Radio host Michael Savage says it’s time to treat Donald Trump’s protesters the way Ronald Reagan did with UC Berkeley students in 1969 as governor of California.


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The “Savage Nation” host told his audience on Monday that he is sick and tired of leniency shown to left-wing activists. He said America could learn a lesson from Reagan by revisiting how he squashed the “People’s Park” protests in the late ’60s.


“He was a law-and-order candidate who stood up to the street garbage,” said Savage. “There were no more riots in Berkeley after that. The professors shut their mouths and went back to their classrooms to molest the students. And the street protesters disappeared all of a sudden. The ‘We shall overcome’ crowd suddenly fled when there was a little reaction from the police.”


Berkeley students vowed to destroy school property in May 1969 if officials turned a plot of land into parking lot. Reagan deployed the California Highway patrol, police officers, and the U.S. National Guard to restore order. One student died and 128 others were admitted to the hospital during a declared state of emergency.


Behind-the-scenes footage of Reagan speaking with a college professor shows he had no interest in negotiating with lawbreakers.


"Those people told you for days in advance that if the university sought to go ahead with that construction they were going to physically destroy the university," Reagan said. "What is to negotiate? All of it began the first time some of you who know better, and are old enough to know better, let young people think that they have the right to choose the laws that they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest."


Berkeley was casting Reagan as a villain for restoring order as late as 2004.


"This was not a happy relationship between the governor and the university – you have to acknowledge it. As a matter of Reagan's honest convictions but also as a matter of politics, Reagan launched an assault on the university," said Neil Smelser, who was a Berkeley professor of sociology at the time, UC Berkeley News reported June 8, 2004.


Savage derided liberals who call Reagan an authoritarian for ending the protests.


"We can't have an authoritarian. We can't have an adult in the room. We have to have the animals in the room," said Savage. "They should dictate the terms of our world, right? Well, no. Wrong. As a result of standing up to the street vermin, who threatened the entire social order then – as they do now – Gov. Reagan became President Reagan. Now behind it all were the tenured professors at Berkeley living on fat paychecks, complaining about the system, hating everybody who did better than them in America. ... History is repeating itself. ... We certainly don't expect a governor to stand up and say to the police and the highway patrol or the state troopers, 'Use whatever methods you choose.' No, they reserve that for Occupy [Wall Street] and Black Lives Matter. They let them use whatever methods they choose: beating people up, breaking store windows, attacking police, whatever they want."



Trump protester Tom DiMassimo is hauled away by Secret Service agents in Dayton, Ohio



Savage went on to say there would be a "civil war" in the U.S. if officials continue to allow left-wing groups to flout the rule of law.


"Trump is extremely popular. The people are not going to be shut down. There are unarmed groups being formed to protect Trump rallies," said the radio host. "I warned you this would happen. I warned you there's going to be a counter-reaction to these street thugs. They think that they have the stage. They're wrong. They don't have the power in this country. They're a small group of people. ... They're going to provoke violence on the other side, and that is bad for America. It's very bad for America. That is what the left specializes in, which is violence and anarchy of this nature."



Donald Trump is shielded by Secret Service agents as protester Tom DiMassimo tries to rush the stage in Dayton, Ohio



Trump took time from campaigning in Florida to speak with Savage about protesters, specifically a student who was tackled by Secret Service agents at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday.


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"I don't know why he's not in jail," said Trump. "It's incredible to me. Everybody's telling me the same thing. Now he's going around, he's on talk shows, he's all over the place. This is a guy who should be in jail right now. ... This guy is a thug. He should be in jail. How they don't press charges is beyond me."


Thomas DiMassimo of Wright State University was arrested and charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct. The 22-year-old told police he "pre-planned" his actions with the goal of grabbing a microphone and calling Trump a racist.



A Trump protester in Chicago, Illinois, is removed by security


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