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Grieving mom responds to Kasich on amnesty

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(BREITBART) “It’s all so senseless,” Maureen Maloney said of the death of countless Americans at the hands of illegal aliens.


Maloney’s 23 year-old son Matthew was hit by a repeat-offending illegal alien drunk driver. Although Matthew survived the initial crash, he died as he was subsequently dragged a quarter of a mile—caught in the wheel well of the illegal alien’s pick up truck— as the alien sought to flee the crime scene. “Witnesses who saw [Matthew] pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going…'[Matthew] was alive for a good portion of it,’” wrote one report from the time.


“He wanted to be a police officer,” Maloney said of her young son, who was voted “most dependable” by his high school senior class. “He had taken the civil service exam… He liked to help people and do good.”


“He was just a law-abiding person,” she said quietly.


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