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    That's a good question, many have asked themselves. We admit there is a flaming hoop that we have to convince you to jump through to trust us with you and your units privacy.


    While we can't force you to get on board we can lead by example and show you by our commitment to create this site and to continue to adapt and improve it maybe you will see we are no different than you ...at all, as a matter of fact all staff members come from the general membership...after some extreme vetting that is.


    The sites webmaster is the sites owner with no hidden agendas, no big brother censorship, no poking or prodding, hell the site doesn't even have any sponsors, it relies on donations and contextual advertising to keep the lights on.


    What benefit can setting up your unit here have? ... Many! on this page we will detail some of these tools and features in hopes you will see benefit in them and rather you are an already established unit or looking to start a new one you will find that NO ONE can offer you more opportunity than My Militia because that is our GOAL.

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    Unit leaders can create custom pages in the units, These pages can be used for just about anything , for example: new member applications, contact information, etc... endless possibilities. This feature will allow units who do not have an individual web presence to make one and those who do have a web presence to make it better.

    Did you know?: You can buy a custom domain name on a register like Go Daddy and set "Domain Forwarding" to the URL to your units index page on My Militia and use your custom URL when sharing your unit.. Example: www.solohio.com  NEAT-O!

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    The units on the site are able to recognize your units hierarchy and abide to the ranks by granting special permissions to higher ranking members. On your units pages you will see who is a member, what rank they are and how long they have been a member.

    Did you know?: My Militia will grant "special" permission to unit leaders? We bet you have not found them all yet ;). One big one is they gain permission to a special forum on the site for leaders to talk to other leaders.... If you are a unit leader  GO HERE to enter the special forum, and remember all content is hidden from the general population.

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    Units have their own personal photo galleries , they can have albums that include photos from training and events. The photos can be rated and commented on. You can view the public photo galleries HERE.

    Did you know?: Our gallery once included a video feature? It was not used very much and took a lot of resources to keep going. We instead allow you tube embedding on the site so users could use a video uploading and management interface they were already used to.

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    The site features an intel database. Bet you are wondering why that matters? How about ~500 decommissioned military training manuals? Check them out HERE.

    Did you know?: You can find more than training manuals, there are some books and information in the database that is highly sought after, we had to comb the darkest dirtiest corners of the web to bring it to you.. the legality of some of the resources is legit but the contents within is definitely not. Were talking things from how to live off the grid to how to build full auto sears. We do not recommend or support performing anything you learn in the intel database, use at your own risk. be responsible.

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    We also have a video gallery. The gallery is built from embedded YouTube videos. The sites staff have reached out to their favorite content creators and when they upload new videos on YouTube you will see them here as well. You can also post your favorite videos too.

    Did you know?: That you can have your very own Video Gallery? Just enable the feature in your Unit pages. This is a great way to have all your training videos all in one place and to increase their exposure. The sites major Video gallery has a category for Militia Recruitment videos only,  our goal is to have all units post a recruitment video so we can help them grow.

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    Units can add a calendar to their groups. The calendar can be used to organize training and events. They can even RSVP to the events and set up reminders to be sent automatically to keep everyone on the same page. Events also contain reviews and comments for people to report their experiences.

    An active and up to date calendar is at the core of the most effective units. It is a great organizational tool to ensure effective chain of command and lateral communication. 

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    Unit leaders can click one button to prompt a member alert, They type a short message and hit send and every member of that unit gets a notification sent to their cell phones.. instantly.

    How It Works: The prompt sends private messages to all unit members, They will need notification of PM set to ON in their profiles and their phones set to allow push of new emails to alert center.

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    Yes units even get their own forums, they can create forums that work just like the main sites forums and since they set their own privacy they have the freedom to do what they want (within the sites rules). Discussion forums are great at getting other peoples input on just about anything you can think of. This feature alone would cost thousands of dollars to set up on your own and keep it up to date and secure. No worries here as they are included when we update the core site.

    Did you know?: In the early days of forums, groups would often times be given forum sections along side the core sites forums. This would create tons of spam because you would be seeing other states activities mixed with core site posts. It created tons of confusion and clutter. Sometimes to the point that the most active unit would take over the site and everyone else would leave. Here on My Militia specific group content is segregated into the units... they act sort of like an entire different website. Only content posted in the state networks is included with core site content.

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    Units can have their own links directory section where they can link to their other pages and websites or to important sites they want their members to know about

    Did you know?: We have over 500 links that have been viewed over 100,000 times? At one time we had over 5,000 links but on version 7 of the site we performed a re-write of the directory and removed all the broken links and only allowed links to militia websites. Also we have a bot that checks the links we have and lets the staff know when one is not reachable so we can remove from the directory.

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    Often overlooked is the importance of browsing the internet safely. The site is always running the most secure core software available. Right now we are on version 8.4.3 of the site, The bad guys keep finding new ways to try to get your information only the most up to date websites are safe to use.


    As for Privacy this is something that is not often overlooked , we know you are aware of popular social networks who pry into your business... this is because you are on their network... Here at My Militia this is YOUR network .. without you we are nothing.


    You can set your group to be OPEN, CLOSED or PRIVATE


    The staff will only get involved if the content/activity is putting the site at risk, our rules spell it out. HERE

    Did you know?: On any website where you input a user name or password you are at risk? The site must be secured by an SSL. You can tell if there is a little lock in the address bar of your browser, if you don't see this lock look at the url if it's http:// and not https:// DO NOT PUT ANY CONTENT ON THAT WEBSITE.

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