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MM Shout Out - Raven Tactical Prepper Channel

By Claw Hammer, 09/28/2019
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www.mymilitia.com A way to break away from Facebook and Twitter. You can create your groups and have a place to share ideas and training communications. Great admins and they offer a huge site to people for preparedness and patriot movements.

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Well-done, Raven!


When I describe mymilita on other websites, and in person, I call it a "Clearinghouse for Constitutional militias in each of the 50 states, with many resources available."  I always make sure that I emphasize that the website does not represent a "national militia", because that would be considered an illegal military force by the government.  Also, I tell people that there is no "command structure".  There are many "prepper" websites available, and such information is also available at mymilita.  But we are not, specifically, a prepper website.  Then, I ask them to look up definitions of militias, in the United States, and they will see that the website does not go beyond those legal definitions.

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