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Cold Weather Survival (2018) {Poncho Survival Shelter Overnight]

By SecurityGuy42, 11/03/2019

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Interesting video, but I must admit I can't understand the purpose of the shelter...  It looks very inefficient to me, so hopefully it's not for any kind of emergency situation.  A couple things occurred to me right off the bat.


1.  Keep it small: you want your body heat to help warm the shelter.  The poncho itself would be a good "frame" from which to build.

2.  Clean out as much snow from the ground as possible (don't simply pack it down); then put down the pine branches (and leaves if you can find them) for insulation.

3.  Don't be afraid , in emergency, to cut as many branches as you need: roof, floor, walls etc.

4.  Build your fire, with reflector wall, as close to your shelter as you can without sparks being a danger.

5. Use your space blanket for your body, not as construction material.

6. If you have a choice, don't put your shelter below ground.  Water seeks the lowest level.

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He isn't below ground.  It's Russia in winter so snow can get deep.  With that in mind water entering the shelter would also not be much of a consideration because of it freezing pretty quickly before it would reach the shelter.  As for the space blanket, I have seen multiple people use mylar survival shelters as liners in the backs of snow shelters to use as a reflector to lessen the heat being absorbed by the snow and help warm the shelter.  Many do this while also using a sheet of clear plastic for the entrance of the shelter.  It was first done on Dual Survival with the original cast and people have tested it since then with some pretty good results.  The technique actually seems to work.  Once the fire dies out another thicker, darker layer of material is dropped down over the clear plastic to slow down on heat escaping.

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I just re-watched the video, and owe you an apology... I would have sworn I saw a dirt "back wall"; hence my comment about below ground.

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