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Virginia Gun Confiscation 2020

By Matt In West Virginia, 01/06/2020

(Warning) UN TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED STATES!! FLASH POINT FOR CONFISCATION IN VIRGINIA HAPPENING NOW! Follow Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/amtvmedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amtvmedia WEBSITE: http://www.amtvmedia.com/

Posted by AMTV on Thursday, January 2, 2020

Facebook has flagged this video as "false information" (these so called 'lead-story fact checkers' affiliated with Facebook are worthless and of zero repute), but I assure you every fact within this video is true. The questionable element is concerning the UN advertisement for officers. They did not expressly say the recruitment effort for these officers were to be utilized in Virginia, and the UN has recruited operations officers in New York for years. But in the same token, it has not been revealed where these officers will be deployed, a major requirement for the job is a "fluency in English and French", and though Virginia deployment is assuming, it is still a very real possibility that the UN would welcome if given the chance. Governor Northam did actually threaten citizens with the National Guard to confiscate guns from gun owners. So you can understand this level of concern.


Do you remember what happened in Washington in 2008 when Democrats had the majority in Congress and the Presidency? The people were shut out. Everyone was shut out of government legislation except for Democrats that implemented one unconstitutional agenda after another.


NOW Democrats have taken Virginia in the same manner (bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg) and despite the will of the people being made plain by the voted upon overwhelming majority of sanctuary counties and cities that have arisen with the announcement of the proposed new sweeping gun confiscation laws, the GOVERNMENT in classic unconstitutional and tyrannical fashion by Democrats ARE making a move to confiscate all guns.


You can call this a conspiracy theory if you wish. If you think that, you probably don't have any guns in your house or have any use for them anyway. But you'll be very upset with how life will turn in America without them around you, possessed by law abiding citizens.


It's been proven over and over in all of world history, everytime a society is disarmed, they are no longer free citizens. They become subjects serving under the political elite that rules.

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