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Virginia Passes Gun Ban At Capitol Before VCDL Event

By Guns & Gadgets, 01/10/2020

Virginia Passes Gun Ban At Capitol Before VCDL Event

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Wasn’t a doubt in my mind that they weren’t going to do this everyone needs to show up with a rifle over their shoulder and a side arm on their hip

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At this point, law abiding citizens have to OFFICIALLY 100% FOLLOW the CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!! NOT THE TYRANNICAL ONES!! Show up there with your GUNS (and as MUCH AMMO as you please!!), armored, AND ready to fight your "friends in blue." See if they ACTUALLY "ARE" on YOUR SIDE!! Time to take America BACK, GUYS!! I wish you guys in Virginia luck!! 

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On 1/10/2020 at 3:00 PM, LetFreedomRing said:

If you are going to VA 1/20/20 VCDL event you need to watch this!


I can't speak for those going to this event.  I won't be there.  But if I were going to be there, I would come armed, and I wouldn't go through the metal detectors.  I would go over the fence/barriers.  If several thousand peaceful protesters carry their weapons into the area in front of the speaker's podium, what are they going to do?  Open fire?


Remember, Antifa will be there.  Are they going to check them for baseball bats and cups full of acid?  I betcha they won't.


One last thing: I'm of the opinion that the 2cd Amendment counties and municipalities should secede from the State and take up West Virginia's offer.  Here in Illinois, I think all of our Red counties should separate from Blue Illinois.

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