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Indiana Officer Fully Emotional After Stop Gone Wrong

By Active Self Protection, 03/28/2020

Indiana Officer Fully Emotional After Stop Gone Wrong

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Nice job of escalation officer with that clearly impaired civilian. That guy had no clue what was going on. The video did not show the civilian attack anything. He exited his vehicle because he had been shot multiple times point blank and FELL out of his vehicle. I guess it is good to know that if my neighbor is drunk, and is holding a baseball bat, doesn't have a clue what's going on, I can blast away and walk Scott free and everyone is going to tell me what a good job I did, the only thing wrong as I was screaming like a bitch as I murdered my completely disoriented neighbor, and never asked once in a CALM voice to put down his bat. I was a cop, military security force, and if we had done that to a civilian we'd gotten sent to Leavenworth. Cops are taught they have 3 seconds to decide to shoot don't shoot in training. Well people this is what it looks like.

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