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Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM, Democrats, ANTIFA, etc.

By Ideological Gambler, 06/03/2020

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Very interesting! 


I know that the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Progressive Labor Party, Workers World Party, the International Socialists, and half a dozen other similar groups ... all made beelines for Ferguson ... taking buses for a thousand miles to get there.  Now they just have to step outside their doors. They all consider themselves, in Lenin's words, "professional revolutionists"  (and in reality they are a lot more professional than our side). 


Now is the time to get on to other conservative forums, gun-owners forums, 2A forums, local and statewide forums ... and other social media and tell people to draw the obvious conclusion:

you had better be able to protect yourself in the America that's coming -- which means AR15s and concealed carry -- and to do it in a group, which means coming to MyMilitia.com and finding people who think like you and who live near you. 


It won't make a blind bit of difference if there are 500 000 Americans with AR15s, if each one of them is isolated at home.  Organization is key.

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This video is old and is being repurposed to fool you. If you watch it, you’ll see this man describing an antifa uprising that was supposedly going to take place in November 2017. Don’t let yourself be a tool of whatever group is going to benefit from this misleading propaganda.

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I did see this video some time back, but decided to archive it at my news site just now. It is over 2 years old, but Soros and many others have been up to many games for far longer than that... and the crap we're seeing ion the streets today? You can bet your bippy they are receiving funding in some off the wall manner from anti-Americans all over the globe.

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