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Open the Churches Back Up

By PragerU, 06/05/2020
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Open the Churches Back Up

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Many years ago, in the late 70's, I was allowed to go on a Missions trip to the PRC.  Although we knew it was a Communist country, we were shocked by the lack of freedom.  People would smile at us, but they wouldn't speak.  They knew that they were being watched.


The one event that sticks out in my mind happened when we went to one church, out in the countryside.  It was a combination Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran church, and the pastors of each took turns delivering the sermon, each Sunday.  On the day we visited the church, the Lutheran pastor was preaching.


Understand that in the "People's Republic of China", before each Sunday service, the full text of the sermon has to be delivered to the local Communist authorities, who look through it for what Americans, today, would call "politically incorrect" language.  Then, on Sunday, a Communist official will sit in the church and verify that the minister doesn't deviate from the authorized text by one word.  If he does, he could be arrested, and he could even be executed (if the violation was considered severe enough).


The Sunday we were in this church, the Lutheran pastor was preaching, and he closed his text, and spoke directly to us.  This is what he said, word-for-word:


"When we had our freedom, the only thing that mattered to us was building our denominations.  Now that we are clad in chains of slavery, the only thing that matters to us is building the Kingdom of God, and bringing people to a personal knowledge of Jesus, our blessed Savior"


God only knows what happened to this 70-something Lutheran pastor ... we never heard of him, again.  But I've never forgotten him.  I will fight for our freedom of religion, in America.  I will fight for Christ in the public forum, and I will fight for him on the battlefield, if necessary.


So help me God ...

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