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BOOM! 7.5FK vs. Level III body armor!

By Military Arms, 10/08/2020

BOOM! 7.5FK vs. Level III body armor!

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That soft armor was NOT Level III, it was the lesser level IIIA rating. And the solid plate was rated III+ by the manufacturer as there is no NIJ III+ standard rating.  NIJ would only rate it as level III.  That said, IIIA is not really rated to stop 7.5FK, so this is not a surprise. I haven't seen a test of the 7.5 on actual level III armor, and clearly the III+ (which isn't really a standard so it really is level III armor that the manufacturer claims is better the plain III) can handle it just fine. It would not matter what brand or type (soft or hard) of IIIA you used, at nomral distances any IIIA armor will fail to stop the 7.5FK. A lot of folks fail to understand this. IIIA armor is for handgun rounds only and only up to 44 mag. The higher speed of the 7.5 is what defeats the IIIA. Level III and III+ are rifle round rated and can handle the higher speeds. This applies not only to body armor, but also to helmets. Almost all helmets are rated IIIA and generally will not stop a 7.5 or rifle rounds without added plate protection.

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Yes there are several, plus the NIJ is in the process of coming up with a new system that will incorporate the various + ratings. Some of these are redundant, but may have some additional info. 






And this page deals with the new NIJ standard 0101.07 that will be coming at some point. As far as I know, despite the claim in the article of a 2018 or 2019 date for adoption of .07, they are still using the .06 standard for body armor.



And here is some info on helmet ratings. 



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