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Templar Report: Antifa Armed and Ready

By Harrold2, 10/17/2019

Can anyone verify this information? 

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Everything is so twisted with lies and distortions...nothing can be believed by the MSM. Remember the maxim...the first casualty of war is the truth.

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Yes, Antifa has sent people to train and fight with the PKK.  Knew about that 2 years ago.  But I still don't consider them a greater threat than Islamists in places like Dearborn or Deep Sate elements working towards a civil war.  Antifa has declared at least twice since Trump was elected that they were going to start mass riots to bring him down.  And guess what, they didn't have the guts to do it.  They may have the training but they are only dangerous in large packs.  But guess what, we have training also and here in the USA weapons.  And many of us have better training and more experience than those Antifa coming back from Syria where they did primarily photo ops for propaganda it seems.  Oh and those guys he showed as examples of Antifa in combat at the end.  They were all Kurdish Peshmerga not Antifa.

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