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Templar Report: Antifa Armed and Ready

By Harrold2, 10/17/2019

Can anyone verify this information? 

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I only can say im in no way a racist or white supremacist. I was there in charollettesville. And saw antifa first hand. President Trump earned my respect when he first stated the truth, blame was both ways. Tho later to recant because of media backlash. Were i lost any trust i mite have had for our news system. Just to be clear tho i dont beleave in, the truth is the white supremacist followed all the laws and legally had the right to be there. Anitfa showed up unlawfully dressed for combat.

I saw law enforcement do nothing to prevent what happened be their orders or not. I never once saw any news source report the truth. Only condemn the supremacist and basically show support towards antifa. I was totally outraged by all of this. So you know i do not and will not ever go out and about in charollettesville without my sidearm to protect me and mine. Obviously the law here has failed us and the news reinforces it.. Truth is the antifa thugs are more a threat to us than most people even know. Maybe honest and truthful reporting mite help but thats not gonna happan. Look how they blamed our President and he was spot on with his first statement

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3 hours ago, Think outside the box said:

I live about a hour away from Charlottesville 

Am i wrong ?? Also im taking it youve seen the reports of the recent vandalism to the Confederate statues that keep happening?? There is big part of me that wants camp out.. Just sayn

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